Re-inventing corporate innovation

Scaling and starting transformational new ventures that solve real corporate challenges

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What we do

At The Bakery we enable corporates to drive meaningful innovation.

As well as creating partnerships with startups, we rapidly build brand-new ventures in an entrepreneurial way, helping to scale transformative innovation that impacts and grows your business.

And our unique formula really works, harnessing the global network of startups and entrepreneurs, delivering better, faster ways to achieve meaningful and measurable results.

Whether you are looking to achieve specific innovation goals, or if you need to increase the pace and scale of existing programmes, we should definitely be talking.

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Our network

We've built a scalable global network of the most talented start-ups and entrepreneurs, supercharging their growth by colliding them with validated corporate opportunities, revenue, customers, data, expert knowledge and investment.

Who we work with

We unlock the power within some of the world’s biggest and best-known companies, uncovering and validating innovation opportunities, solving their biggest challenges by scaling and starting new ventures.

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